2010 – April / May

Travel report of the working visit of Agnelo Spinol from April 22 to May 20, 2010 to Cape Verde.

1. Interview in Praia with Mrs. Edna, who works for the Technical Support department about the contract with IEFP. The contract concerned the financial support of the teachers’ salaries with regard to two ongoing courses in our technical school at Ponta Verde.

The Director-General of the IEFP, mrs. Fatima Timas, and I signed the contract.

2. Conversation with mr. Antonio, financial administrator of the IEFP.

He has confirmed that he has instructed the Ministry of Labor to pay the money to our account for paying the salaries of the teachers (first installment 642,000 $ = € 5,800).

The second and third tranche will follow later.

3. Individual visits to the Luta Foundation against Pobreza (fight against poverty) and the Born Fund. We have discussed the following with the former: the course of events at the two internships, where 33 students live, progress of the material, materials, tools, internships and finances.

A check of € 400,000 = € 3,600 of the Born Fund has been received. They also indicated that a check of 300,000 $ = € 2,700 will soon follow. Luta contra Pobreza pays their part of the housing and nutrition of the students directly to Stichting Agro Verde.

I have both invited to a joint meeting with the boards of Associacao Agua Para Viver and the Centro Profissional.

4. Meeting: All parties were present at the Escola Academica: Associação Água Para Viver, Luta contra Pobreza, Born Fund and Centro Profissional. We talked about the internship opportunities at the Electra State Corporation in San Filipe, Mosteiros and Brava. The director of Electra has promised his cooperation and guidance for a period of 2 months.

The Municipality of San Filipe is also willing to offer trainees from our school in Ponta Verde an internship.
In addition, the agreements in point 3 were discussed again. Emphasis was put on the progress of the students and the internships. It has been decided that the trainees will carry out plumbing and electrical work as an internship at the Bornfonds and Luta contra Pobreza.

This work also counts as a consideration for their financing.

These projects focus on improving the housing of the poorer people on Fogo.

5. Meeting with the following participants: Ass. Água Para Viver, Centro Profisionel and Ms. Fátima Timas.

Fatima Timas has spoken orally that the Centro Profissional of Ponta Verde is included in the structure of the Ministry of Labor. The three existing courses in Ponta Verde are not being given in the new, yet to be opened Technical School of San Filipe.
– Gratification for the Board members of the Ass. Aqua para Viver and staff of the Centro Profissional of Ponta Verde has yet to be determined.

The sent computers are still at customs due to lack of time.

People are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the aluminum machines to be purchased. The third room at our school in Velho Manuel has been completed and has become very beautiful. The transfer to a representative of the Ministry of Education is scheduled for 2 July 2010Travel report of the working visit of Agnelo Spinol from 22 April to 20 May 2010 to Cape Verde.