2010 – February

Travel report of the working visit of Agnelo Spinola in February 2010
Conversation in Praia at the IEFP with the hr. Vargas de Melo on February 5, 2010

The hr. Vargas told me that the IEFP is planning to pay the salaries of the teachers of the Electrical Engineering and Installation Engineering programs, but the confirmation of this will only be issued later, along with the amount of the amounts.

In the conversation he said further that the Technical School of Sao Filipe is going to orientate himself in the field of food science. The Centro Profisional of Ponta Verde continues with its own courses.

Meanwhile, the subsidy amount is known. The IEFP pays the salaries of the teachers, but not the internship costs. According to the contract that I received and will be signed next week, the amount is approx. € 17,500. (1,926,000 $ 00)

Interview with the Commission Fight against Poverty (Luta contra Pobreza.)

Luta contra Pobreza pays accommodation costs, food, water, gas, light and other expenses of 34 students for 8 to 9 months, who stay in Ponta Verde to follow their course. The total costs are estimated at around € 12,000. This money is paid directly to the Agro Verde Foundation in Ponta Verde. This Foundation guides these students.

Interview with representatives of the Bornefonds in Denmark.

This organization will pay a part of the learning materials and tools for the courses. Many materials are needed. Think of pipes, sinks, shower installations, toilet installations, faucets, toilet pots, bathtubs etc. For electro-training these are: electrical wiring switches, sockets, lamps, and many other things. Their share is estimated at around € 11,000. The Bornefonds has 13 children in Ponta Verde. The Bornefonds is very critical in its method.

Contacts with the COI Foundation in Portugal and the Galego Fund in Spain.

The Water for Life Foundation, namely Sr. Canuto, Maria Gomes and myself, worked for a week on the project for the improvement of Jardins Infantil (nursery) in the municipalities of Sao Filipe and Santa Catarina. I sent the project by email to Fundacao COI and Fundacao Galego. Unfortunately, I have not heard anything until today. I called Fundacao COI three weeks ago and asked for a response. Mr. Taleco has told me that the mail has been received, but because they have a lot of work at the moment, they will come back to it in due time.

Project Velho Manuel.

The project to expand the Velho Manuel school with 1 room started on 18 February. The project is now almost completed. All that remains is the installation of aluminum doors and windows and then the painting of the entire school. The transfer is planned during the visit of the fam. Boonstra at the end of June / beginning of July to Cape Verde.