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School fees in Cape Verde can not be earned by many parents. Further learning after primary school isn’t possible than. You can support a youngster

  • for 40 euros per month (or 20 euro together with another donateur) for 6 years to follow the lyceum. This is for school fees and costs, such as transport and to buy an uniform.
  • for 80 euros for 5 years (or 40 euro together  with another donateur) to follow a study at the university. This is a partial contribution for the tuition fee.
  • for 42 per month for one or two years to follow vocational training.
  • You can find concrete and up-to-date information regarding requests for support of young people under the heading News on the Home-site

Through signals from key figures, the board draws up a list of young people who are eligible for support. After an interview with the child and the parents, an agreement is concluded between the youngster and the Water for Life Foundation, whereby it is promised that it will guarantee the school fees that are necessary for following the course. The tuition fee is 130 euros per month. The 80 euros, which the student receives, is therefore a small part of the costs to be incurred.

There is contact with the young person twice a year. The students are asked to pass on the results of the examination periods. The support is stopped by staying at the lycée twice and by pregnancy. It has been agreed with the lyceum in Ponta Verde that we will transfer the school fees directly and be informed about the results. We keep the donors informed of the results of the youngster. If you want to know more about the school system in Cape Verde click here. If you want to support a youngster, click on the button below.