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In February 2017, Cape Verde President Mr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca opened the Casa das Comunidades / Banderona in Campanas. The construction of the community house was a huge stimulus for the three surrounding villages Campanas, São Jorge, and Galinheiro.

Due to lack of flat ground, the house is built above a cisterne on enormous pillars. A square has been realized in front of the main hall. The community house today, hosts large events such as the banderona festival, weddings, and funerals, which in the past took place on public roads. In addition to hosting events, there is children’s nursery, kitchen, room for activities, storage space and toilets in the level underneath the square.

In 2018, four additional spaces where created on the bottom floor, namely a computer room, a extended kitchen area for bread baking and a medical post in the future. Activities such as the sewing workshop, cooking courses, gym, making music are organized there. The annual traditional feast Festa da Bandeira is a highlight for the environment. People take care of cleaning and management themselves.

If you live outside the Netherlands and want to help further the house and expand the activities, you can donate directly to the Foundation Water for Life by clicking on the button below the photos.