Corona Action for food package

Help deliver food parcels and soap to the people of Fogo. One food package for two weeks costs about € 27,- . You can help donating to Water for Life. Wilde Ganzen Foundation will double your amount. So if you transfer € 13,50, – to Water for Life, that will be doubled to € 27,-.

In Cape Verde, a state of emergency has been declared as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. There are already many infected people on the island of Boa Vista, one person of whom has died. Health care is at a lower level and not all houses are connected to water. Fogo is isolated. The ferries only bring food and necessarymeans, such as medicine. The inhabitants are only allowed to go outside to send a message for the most necessary necessities of life. Schools are closed. In short, everything is at a standstill.

Due to the state of emergency due to the coronavirus, many people are out of work and without an income. The women’s market is closed. The tourists are gone. The poorest are now even more so now.  If you can help us raise € 6,000 the Wilde Ganzen Foundation will double the amount to €12,000.

Then we can work with the municipality of São Filipe and the surrounding area to ensure that people get food parcels soon. A package includes rice, legumes, sugar, flour, spaghetti, cooking oil, soap, etc.

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