Policy 2018 – 2023

Foundation “Water for Life” derives its name from the construction of cisterns in its early existence (1980). As of 2018, the Water for Life Foundation will focus its activities more on supporting youth schooling. The period up to 2021, should be seen as a transition to the new core business. Learning for Life, focused on financial support of youths’ in higher education.  Several small-scale projects are expected until 2021.


  • The Board of the Water for Life Foundation aspires to contribute to a community, in which the youth can continue their studies for a better future after primary school. Give the youth the chance to obtain a diploma in secondary and higher education (vocational training or university studies). A diploma provides the youth the chance of a better future in terms of paid employment or self-employed company.
  • The board of the Water for Life Foundation aspires to guide the activities, belonging to the management of the Associação Agua para Viver in Fogo, through performing small-scale projects.
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