Remuneration policy

The Water for Life Foundation obtained the A.N.B.I. status February 7th, 2011. The rules for declaring expenses, incurred by volunteers for the Foundation are laid down in the board meeting of the Water for Life Foundation on 23 March 2011.

  • Volunteers who are active for the Water for Live Foundation can declare the costs they incur in the Netherlands. In principle this only concerns travel costs, telephone costs and internet costs.
  • Board members of the Water for Life Foundation can also declare travel costs to Cape Verde and back to the Netherlands, provided that this trip is in service of the realization of projects of this Foundation.
  • The board member with the task coordinator / contact person with the counterpart organization Agua para Viver receives a contribution of up to five hundred euro per working visit to Cape Verde as a contribution towards the expenses on Cape Verde, with a maximum of three working visits per year.
  • Costs incurred, which are not declared, are deductible from the income tax.
  • Volunteers of the Water for Life Foundation can´t claim a tax-free annual allowance (up to a maximum of € 1,500), so that they can´ t deduct these from the tax (in case they would waive this allowance).
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