Various projects

  • From the 1980s onwards, older people who can use it well receives a food package twice a year. Occasionally we reimburse medicines, doctor, and or dentist visit costs. The foundation Liduina (associated with (Huize Frankeland) has been supporting us for years to realize this project.
  • A sewing school was built in the late 1980s. Twenty women were given sewing lessons and basic health education. The sewing courses are now provided in the community house in Campanas which was open in 2017. As part of the overall sewing courses, ten used electric sewing machines have been purchased over the years and continues to support this effort today.
  • During a working visit in 2001, we met a 15-year-old girl with a three-month-old baby. She lived in a hut made of plastic and branches. The nearby residents gave her food and water every day. One of the residents asked the foundation “Water for Life” for help. After a call to donors back in The Netherlands, we were able to raise enough money to build a house for this mother and her child.
  • In 2006, the Foundation was again called upon. Three children aged 4, 10 and 12 had lost their mother and forced to live with their grandparents high in the mountains making it impossible for the children to access the nearest school. Thanks to the donators, the foundation was able to support a house was built closer to the main road, so that the children could go back to school.
  • In 2012, we were introduced by a monk to a 28-year-old young man, who was paralyzed in an accident. The Water for Life Foundation within its budget was able to support a e-scooter, which was sent to the young man. “My life has changed completely” was his reaction for this deed.
  • In 2020 , 632 food parcels were distributed in connection with the consequences of the corona pandemic
  • In 2019 five young people trained as painters, received tools and an aluminium staircase.
  • The greenhouse for the vocational training center was put into use in 2021
  • In 2022 The Assemblee from Sao Filipe received 24 chairs
  • Casa Tereza received a chest-freezer. With Christmas a Crismasmeal was offered in 2021
  • In 2022, the computerlab of the vocational training centr Ponta Verde was equipped with 25 computers. The list isn’t complete, but if you will support us please use the buttom below.
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