Privacy statement

Privacy statement of the Board of the Water for Life Foundation established on April 11, 2018

We need the following information from donors in general:

  • Name and address to be able to send the annual report and the annual accounts, in which we depend on for our activities and the funds entrusted to Stichting Water voor Leven.
  • The data of donors with an “Agreement periodical gift”
  • Name, address and tax, driving license or identity number and date of birth are required for tax audit purpose if request it.
  • The start and end date of the agreement are necessary to be able to justify to the tax authorities in connection with the term, that the donor is entitled to deduct the donation without deduction of the threshold amount on his / her income tax return
  • We need the telephone number and e-mail address to be able to contact the donor at the end of the year, if the promised amount has not yet been received.
  • Name and address are required for reasons as mentioned under point 1.

The data of donors who have adopted a student / young person:

  • In addition to the above, we need the e-mail address, telephone number and address to keep the donor informed/updated on the progress of the student, who is supported by the donor for a certain period of time.
  • Start and end date of the promised donation to guarantee the student / youngster that he / she will be supported during the training, provided the pupil adheres to the conditions in the agreement, which has been concluded with the counterpart organization Agua para Viver at Fogo.

What do we do with your data:

  • The information provided to us is archived, kept and digitally stored by the treasurer and the board member coordinator Sponsor a Younger.
  • The computer is protected
  • The periodic agreements are archived and stored physically.
  • As soon as we receive a message about the death of a donor, we put the words behind the data i.v. death with date.
  • As soon as a donor indicates that he / she wants to stop with the donorship, he / she is filled in behind the data.
  • The data with “stop date” will be deleted at the end of 7 years due to tax authority record retention rules and if such document is needed by the tax authority in the same period.
  • Your details will never be provided to someone or an organization, other than to the Tax Authorities if they request it in the event of a “regular donation agreement”.
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