Establishment of information rooms

The investment budget for the Informatics course at High Schools in Cape Verde was too small to purchase the necessary computers. For this reason, the director of the Private High School in São Filipe asked the Foundation in the summer of 2000 to investigate whether there were good second-hand computers in the Netherlands for his school.

Within a year, the first boxes with twenty computers and accessories could be sent to Fogo to the Escola Académica. Before these computers could be shipped, they were checked and provided with Portuguese software by Mr. Rien Schutte. He was twice on a working visit to instruct the teachers and to help organize an information room.

About 3000 computers have been sent to Cape Verde. Sometimes there were so many that it was better to ship them in a 20-foot container. Computer rooms were set up on 23 Cape Verdian High Schools. What started small has become an important activity of the Water for Life Foundation.

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