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ANBI-details for the website of the Stichting Water voor Leven at Gouda

  • Name: Stichting Water voor Leven
  • Fiscal number: RSIN nummer 8040.71.780
  • Registered with the Cchamber of Commerse: 41173427
  • Addres of contact:  T. Kramer-Bais, Waterruit 61, 2804 PB Gouda
  • E-mail:

Board composition:

  • Chairman:  Agnelo Spinola
  • Secretary: David van Midden
  • Treasure: Truus Kramer-Bais
  • Member of the board, coordinator project “Sponsor a Youngster”:  Elandina Brito-Spinola
  • Member of the board, policy and financial administrator: Truus Kramer-Bais
  • Website: Dhr. Alberto Brito