Supporting the Youth

As of 2019 a total of 13 teenagers have been financially supported and have as a result graduated high school. Similarly, approximately 200 young adults have obtained a professional diploma and two have obtained college degrees.

In the current 2019-2020 school year we have 5 students enrolled in High School and 14 students enrolled in University, thanks to continued support from our donors. The support means a lot to the youth, as you can see from one of many quotes below:

“Water for Life Foundation for me means family, because I owe everything to the foundation, Water for Life that helps and improves the living conditions of many people and communities in Cape Verde”, according to graduate Rilda. After her studies she is working as a community worker at the municipality of Mosteiros on the island of Fogo. Adeleuse another graduate, was appointed alderman in the municipality of Cova Figuiera. Rilda and Adeleuse are the first students, who have completed their studies with financial support from our donors and dedicated to teens and young adults in High School and University. For a more extensive story, click on Rilda’s story.

The foundation ambition is to focus more on supporting teens and young adults in High School and University to realize their dreams of completing their educational aspiration. More information can be found in the Water for Life 2018-2023 plan.

If you wish to support a Teenager and/or Young adult, please follow the “support the youth” link.

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